[rescue] FS: Sun-2 parts

jwb-tech at picarefy.com jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Wed Jan 4 10:59:39 CST 2006

I recently extracted all of my 2/120's from the storage unit. In the
process of assembling working units, I have already developed a small pile
of hardware which I know I'm not going to have any use for. This stuff is
all untested -- I don't have any way to do so! All of these are available
to a good home for the price of shipping.

--James Birdsall

4 @ 501-1003 TTL video/keyboard/mouse Multibus boards
   These work *only* with VERY old TTL mono Sun monitors. You can sort of
use them with the more recent ECL mono monitors, which are also
antiques, but it's like looking at a ghost instead of a real video

2 @ video/keyboard/mouse bulkhead panels with cables

Emulex MD21 SCSI-ESDI assembly MU2110402 rev R

Cypher F420-90 QIC-11 tape drive, with 50-pin edge-to-header ribbon cable
   Needs an SC4000 to connect to the SCSI bus. Probably decayed into
uselessness years ago.

2 @ Xylogics XY450 SMD Multibus boards

UNKNOWN Multibus boards: one has a Z80A, an AM9517A-5PC DMA controller, a
P8253-5 interval counter, a lot of TTL, and two 40-pin header connectors
and two 50-pin header connectors. No manufacturer name anywhere. The other
is a matching three-megabyte Multibus memory board. Both are dated "Feb.
20, 1985". Probably have nothing to do with Sun-2's.

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