[rescue] wire my house!

Michael Vergallen mvergall at pandora.be
Wed Jan 4 06:55:54 CST 2006

Geoffrey S. Mendelson wrote:

>That's better than you have here in Israel. Here there are two choices
>aDSL from BEZEQ, the 'phone company, and cable internet from HOT, the
>cable company.
>However, neither is an ISP. They only provide the communications
>infrastructure. To actually access the Internet you need to have an
>account with an ISP. To connect to the ISP, you need to have a VPN.
>The ISPs have a price war going on. They offer you a deeply discounted
>price 100 NIS ($22) a month for line and ISP but retain the option to
>raise it, even if you pay a year in advance. Once you exceed their
>unpublished limits, they drop your discount.
>One ISP has a hidden limit of about a gigabyte DOWNLOAD a month on their 
>lowest price plan. Woe to the poor guy who exceeds it.
>I have a very expensive plan, about 300 NIS ($65) each to the cable company
>and my ISP. It provides 170k bits per second upload and 3m bps down, very high
>rates for here. It is also unlimited as I have at times exceeded 1g BYTES
>down per day.
No here in Belgium you can have a deal with telenet who provides me a 10 
Gig down/2.5 Gig up at 4MBit down /196Kbit
up for 42 Euro a month. Plus the download  limits  are  flexible when 
you reach your 10Gig you can purchase an extra 20Gig's
at 1 euro a gig and the counters are kept for a 30 day period so I 
rarely exceed the 10Gig limit by more then a couple of Gig's.


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