[rescue] SS5-170 mobo available

Michael Vergallen mvergall at pandora.be
Wed Jan 4 06:44:21 CST 2006

paul nutton wrote:

>Last month I retired a Sparc 5 110 with 128 MB and twin internal mirrored 2
>GB drives which was providing primary DNS and e-mail for a company of 5000.
>Installation date? March 1996. Uptime? 99.97% It was only retired as we were
>forced to spend the upgrade money or lose it (well it had been 5 years....).
True .... my gateway + DNS + Firewall systems have been working here for 
7 years now and when I got those
systems they where allready 5 or 6 years old. Hey the only time I shut 
them down is ones a year to clean the
dust out of the fans...last year  the  systems where down for 6 times 
because I had to work on the electric and as I'm
not a qualified electrician I shut the mains power down before I add 
some more sockets to my sercuits..


[demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type text/x-vcard which had a name of mvergall.vcf]

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