[rescue] Adventures with a Jensen

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Mon Jan 2 23:32:41 CST 2006

James Birdsall writes ...

> For the first time in nearly two years, I have posted a new episode to
> SiliconSamsara, at http://www.siliconsamsara.org/Jensen/index.html. It
> details my attempt to get a Jensen aka DEC Alpha AXP150 aka
> DEC2000 model
> 300 to boot a modern OS.
> They seem to be nice machines. Sadly, they're just a bit too obscure.

Hmmm.  That case and general interior layout is very similar, though not
identical, to a couple of weird DEC PCs I have.  They are labeled
"ApplicationDEC xp500", but the label is a bogus-looking peel-and-stick.
The hardware doco that came with 'em said they were a <mumble> 400, sporting
a high-end '486, but the ones I have are very early Pentiums, complete with
floating point error.

Not that any of that has any bearing the Jensen, of course.


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