[rescue] Wifi LX (was Sparc LX Wanted)

Mark Gill ansalmo at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Feb 28 14:58:41 CST 2006

 > > >Mmmm, I have a Cycle-5 upgraded ClassicX here.  It made more sense to
 > > >replace my ClassicX's system board rather than my LX's.  Got it 
 > > >up with an SBUS PCMCIA card, holding an 802.11b wireless card, and
 > > >running NetBSD.  Quite a little beastie really  :-)
 > Any details on this available? I've thought about doing something 
similar, even gathered the SBUS
 > PCMCIA adapter, but never got around to it...

I have to admit that my memory of setting this up is rather sketchy, as 
it was a couple of years ago and I haven't used the box for a fair while 
(so many other projects to play with...!).  If I remember correctly, it 
was pretty straightforward and pretty much worked out of the box.  I 
used a 16-bit ZoomAir 802.11b card, and I do recall that it only worked 
properly in one of the PCMCIA slots.

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