[rescue] FREE IBM RT Manuals etc anyone?

Darryl Barile dbarile at interserv.com
Tue Feb 28 12:23:59 CST 2006


I know this is mainly a Sun List but I have also notice a few IBM type
In going through my storage the other day I came upon a box of IBM RT
These are the manuals that IBM used to send with their hardware.
IIRC they were part of the Engineering Department's Install (just after
I couldn't quite bring myself to throw them away.
There are about 9 manual totals
They haven't been opened, ie they are unused.
Other bits and sundries associated with the care and feeding of RT's also
They are free for the taking. Located in RTP, NC
I can supplied more detailed info if you wish.
Contact me off list is interested. dbarile @ interserv. com
Please forgive the non-Sun content.

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