[rescue] UNIX packaging

Andrew Jones aijones2 at bsu.edu
Tue Feb 28 11:37:19 CST 2006

From: "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at tandem.artell.net>
> Take IRIX.  For some time, you could get away with just the base OS,
> some packages from freeware.sgi.com installed in /usr/local, and your 
> main application (Maya, etc.).  [...] you grab some updated packages
> from Nekochan.net, and they install themselves somewhere different..

IRIX is a great example.  Yes, your paths rapidly get very, very weird.
That's just SysV brain damage.  Standards (practically) mandate that
your $PATH be fifteen lines long :P

All of the software you're installing should still integrate cleanly
into the native package system.  All of that Nekochan-provided software
is still tardist format and still tracks dependencies.

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