[rescue] NeWS

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Mon Feb 27 15:56:36 CST 2006

Peter Corlett writes ...
> Phil Stracchino <phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net> wrote:
> > Peter Corlett wrote:
> [...]
> >> http://aptitude.sourceforge.net/
> > The problem's not so much that it doesn't have one, as that 
> > it has so MANY.
> Well, at least you usually only have a single one on a given 
> "real" Unix system.

Or not.  If you only install "packages," maybe, but for some versions of
UNIX, you can't get everything you want in packages, or the packages aren't
updated often enough, or at all.

> Mac OS X can easily accrue the Apple packaging, unorganised stuff in
> /Applications, Fink, Darwinports, CPAN, random cruft in 
> /usr/local, ...

I expect you could say that of any variant of UNIX, actually.

Take IRIX.  For some time, you could get away with just the base OS, some
packages from freeware.sgi.com installed in /usr/local, and your main
application (Maya, etc.).  SGI's freeware pages don't have nearly
everything, though, so you compile a few things yourself, like Postfix and
some of its supporting packages.  You get a few CPAN modules.  Then you
notice that freeware.sgi.com is coming up on two years since the last
update, and you grab some updated packages from Nekochan.net, and they
install themselves somewhere different....

Ask the man who owns one.


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