[rescue] Sparc LX Wanted

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Sun Feb 26 12:30:16 CST 2006

Bryan Gurney writes ...
> But from some images on the net, it seems to have 50-pin SCSI, which
> severely limits the size (and youth) of hard drive that you
> can use in it.

If the machine has no floppy drive, minor sheet-metal hackery can turn the
hard drive mounting 90 degrees, and provide space for an SCA drive and a
convertor.  You have to be careful about SIMM height and such, but it can be

> I have to ask: why is the original poster seeking this
> when they
> could easily find a Sparcstation 5 with a CG6 SBUS framebuffer card
> installed?

Maybe he just likes to coolness factor of that tiny box doing so many thing
so well.

> It could have double the CPU speed (my SS5 has a 110 MHz
> TurboSparc), lots more than the 96 MB maximum memory (mine's
> maxed out at  256 MB),

Actually, if you put 32 MB SIMMs in bank 0, you can get 128 MB of RAM in an


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