[rescue] Sparc LX Wanted

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sun Feb 26 12:25:50 CST 2006

> Anybody take a look at the Obsolyte description?
> http://www.obsolyte.com/sun_lx/
>  From what I see, it was the fastest Sparcstation lunchbox, base  
> config
> (and apparently the IPX plus Weitek beats it out a little:
> "The 50Mhz Microsparc is decent for lightweight use, but these early
> Microsparcs were notoriously slow -- an IPX, even though it's a  
> earlier
> machine, can almost keep up with the LX, and an IPX equipped with the
> Weitek Power-Up will outperform an LX.
> "However, with it's built-in framebuffer, which provides decent  
> graphics
> speed, the LX is a very useable machine with nothing in except the
> mainboard. You really don't need any Sbus cards in it to make  
> effective
> use of it."
> But from some images on the net, it seems to have 50-pin SCSI, which
> severely limits the size (and youth) of hard drive that you can use in
> it.  I have to ask: why is the original poster seeking this when they
> could easily find a Sparcstation 5 with a CG6 SBUS framebuffer card
> installed?  It could have double the CPU speed (my SS5 has a 110 MHz
> TurboSparc), lots more than the 96 MB maximum memory (mine's maxed  
> out at
> 256 MB), and SCA-80 connectors so you can go buy a reconditioned 9  
> GB or
> 18 GB Seagate, instead of desperately searching around for the largest
> 50-pin SCSI drive made?
> I fully understand if you specifically want the LX (for the onboard  
> interface for instance), or if you want the fastest of the lunchboxes.
> But if you're concerned about speed, I'm seeing plenty of Ultra 5's  
> and a
> few Ultra 2's in the online classifieds for cheap.

Of course if you want -the- fastest lunchbox you'd have to get the  
Cycle 5 170MHz TurboSparc upgraded IPC/IPX. ZZRare beastie these are.  
I have one left.

/me pats his little Cycle upgraded IPC on the lid....

Mike N

ARF! She said.

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