[rescue] SGI: Corporate Status

Ryan Thoryk ryan at tliquest.net
Wed Feb 22 14:34:14 CST 2006

Yep I knew about the delisting before (most people probably have), but I 
didn't know about their February report.  That's the worst news yet - I'm 
hoping they get bought out by a company that really wants to turn them 
around, unlike HP's crappy stance towards Alpha and OSF/1.  The lag of 
IRIX releases has been really disturbing for me, and now it looks like 
it might be the end of that OS (or at least as we know it) very soon, and 
especially the SGI boxes themselves.  It's funny how the company went on a 
steady decline after Jim Clark.  The Itanic switch was also a failure from 
the start (and probably was one of the main things that killed them).

If IRIX gets killed, then some of the best Unix technologies and 
utilities/apps ever will just fade into history (I'm thinking about stuff 
like SGI's gmemusage, where the Linux version sucks in comparison).

Luckily some things like XFS won't (and can't) die.

Ryan Thoryk
Unix and Network Specialist
ryan at tliquest.net

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, kevin marshall wrote:

> Well, we all new this was coming and it may be common knowledge
> by know to most here, but i just found out about this delisting
> today. Another sad day to add to the list (along with the recent
> Alpha demise).
> /KRM
> In November 2005, SGI announced that they had been delisted from
> the New York Stock Exchange because their common stock had fallen
> below the minimum share price for listing on the exchange. SGI's
> market capitalization has dwindled from a peak of over four
> billion dollars in 1989 to just $120 million at the time of their
> delisting. In February 2006, the company announced that it may
> run out of cash by the end of the year, forcing a sale of the
> company or even bankruptcy.
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