[rescue] Any IBM PC Server 500 System/390 users/gurus out there?

Clemson, Chris Chris.Clemson at softwareag.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 08:41:34 CST 2006

Hi everyone,
We have one of these beasts sitting around doing nothing at the moment,
and it would be nice to get it up and running.

It haa a raid disk failure, which is not a good start, but it would be
nice to do some general diagnostics, for which we need a reference
There doesn't seem to be much in the way of technical documentation or
software for this system on IBM's website.
I've found a handy page here:
http://www.tavi.co.uk/ps2pages/ohland/server500.html, but all the links
to stuff on ibm's site fail :(

Depending on the state of the machine, it might be nice to reinstall
everything from scratch (and it would be handy from a learning point of
view), for which CDs would be needed (somewhere it mentioned they were
encrypted which doesn't sound good!).

Any ideas?


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