[rescue] Stuff in Detroit

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 11 22:07:08 CST 2006

Lots of Unix-related gear:

Cyclequad 4x300mhz/2mb, 512mb, hard drive, gigabit -
Solaris 10
Cyclequad 1x360mhz/4mb, 512mb, hard drive?
Cyclequad Base
SS10 with dual processor, 2x video capture cards
CPCI 2x850mhz P3, 512mb, SDI video processing cards
Sun 20" Monitor
2x HP X-Terms Envizex II, maybe 3?
Maybe some other Unix machines if I can find them
Lots of SCSI cable, SCSI drives, brackets, SBUS cards,
PCI/UPA video, FDDI, fiber/networking equipment, Sun
keyboards/mice, etc

Basically anything else that I find will be included
in the lot. Any reasonable offer will not be refused,
however you must pick up and take it all. Almost
everything works. A couple of the hard drives might be
dead but that would be it. Feel free to call me at
(313)819-1883 if you are interested.

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