[rescue] Modern AS/400 than runs Linux?

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Feb 10 12:10:04 CST 2006

>However, from what I understand, you can only run Linux under an LPAR, and 
>still need OS/400 there to manage things, though I might be wrong.
>It's a lot easier to find an RS/6000 which will run Linux, and it's
>the same hardware once you get Linux on it..

I'm going to add a "me too" here, I'd LOVE to have an RS/6000 to run BSD or
Linux on.  Which distro of linux works best there?  I'm not too keen on
Debian from past experiences (all bad) with their installer, but I'd be
willing to take another look at it if I had a reason too (aka "the only one
that works is Debian").  Also BSD-ism is a possibility.

Non- or semi- related note, anybody doing PPPoE on BSD?  I cannot for the
life of me figure out how to get the stupid PPPoE config to work with BSD,
despite reading my eyes to nubb ins on the (sparse, crappy, convoluted,
misleading, mutually-exclusive from one to the next) "documentation"
available on the web.  The machine is running under 5.4, and I can't swap
permanently to this bigger and better box unless I get the stupid PPPoE to
work.  (It's going gangbusters under Linux, so I do understand the concepts
and requirements at least somewhat.  The differences in the two, BSD to
Linux, seem to be mainly there to annoy rather than to improve.

PPPoE on FreeBSD is driving me bug-snot.


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