[rescue] Modern AS/400 than runs Linux?

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 08:49:47 CST 2006

> After reading the Wikipedia article for the AS/400, I noticed a
> screenshot of it running Debian. This got my gears a turning about
> how awesome it would be to have one of the more modern AS/400s for
> myself to load up OS/400 and Linux to play around with and expand my
> skill set. However, it looks like even the low end models that are
> Linux-capable are quite pricey on eBay. Is there any good market to
> pick these up on the cheap? And, what am I potentially getting myself
> into? Should I just abort now before I am turned into a curmudgeonly
> mainframe guy? :)

I am going to look at a surplus lot on Monday that supposedly includes
a number of AS/400s. If you could get me a model range you are
interested in I could pick one up for you.

-- Aaron

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