[rescue] powerbook 502c power adaptor

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Feb 8 10:13:39 CST 2006


Someone rescued a Mac Powerbook 502c without a power adaptor and was
looking on a local mailing list for a replacement. I've never seen 
a 520c and don't know what cord it takes. 

I have adaptors for the original powerbook (140/160/180) series and the
later ones that AFIK take the same adapator
(DUO/1400/3400/G3/Wallstreet/Lombard/Pismo), with various power ratings.

Does anyone have a 520c and can look at the adaptor or know them?

I can lend her a Duo adaptor or a "hockey puck", both have the same
connector, the hockey puck having more current capacity, but I'd hate
to have her come over if it's a different supply than the ones I have.

Thanks, Geoff.
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