[rescue] LSI FC RAID controller help/drivers needed

Mark G. Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Tue Feb 7 20:28:13 CST 2006


I have what I believe is an LSI E4400, or maybe an earlier version but 
similar device.  The label on the back says class: 1200, model: 0834.
The software reports product ID INF-01-00, product revision 0401, date
of manufacture 1/9/2001.  The 2 controller modules are part numbers 1200-F104, 
with controller firmware version NVSRAM version N4774-HET834-005.

Does anyone have any experience with these?  I'm not having much luck
with more current IBM-branded 4400 NVSRAM and Firmware, using IBM SMClient 9.x, 
but maybe if I can find an older version or an LSI branded version I'll have
better luck.  Unfortunately, LSI/Engenio is not being very helpful since it's
not under current maintenance, and I can't find the software that came with it.
The current version SMClient I have thinks the two controllers are in separate 
storage systems, and if I go to update the firmware, reports that the 
new version NVSRAM and firmware files I have are not compatibile with the


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