[rescue] Clearing house, come rescue it.

Rob Rose rescue at mylighthouse.net
Tue Feb 7 15:31:14 CST 2006

In Canberra, Australia I have the following taking up space that  
needs to go by sunday evening:

Sun Ultra 2 (single 200MHz)
Stack of s-bus cards (SCSI/Ethernet, probably some Diff SCSI, CG6)
LX, Classic (at least one works, take both)
External SCSI cases (411, 911, 811, etc)
Sun Speaker boxes
Type 5 & 6 keyboards & mice
HP D280 (single 180MHz)
Spare bits for the HP (SCSI cards, Diff SCSI disks, RAM)
A couple of DEC Alphas (old, slow, great for Net/OpenBSD)
Synoptics 16 port hubs
Kalpana 16 port switches
Qualstar 8mm tape library (includes barcode scanner)

No reasonable offer refused, even if it may well be $0.  Mind you, if  
you get a particularly good bargain, you may find yourself carting  
home some of the less popular kit as penance.

I really don't have time to ship the bulky stuff at the moment, so  
don't even ask.

Contact me by email if you're interested in any of this stuff,  
otherwise it does in the dumpster next week.


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