[rescue] Looking for 375-0078 Raid Controller ....

dsimmons dsimmons at libx.siu.edu
Tue Feb 7 10:11:26 CST 2006

Please educate me. I have a fear of putting anything without a Sun PN in
a Sun box. What RAID controller would you recommend?

Also, would any 60ns ECC DIMMs work, then? I don't have to get that
exact PN, either?

I admit, I'm new to refurbishing Sun equipment on my own - at work we
have support contracts where I ask for a part number, and within hours
we have the replacements, so I'm spoiled in that regard.

Doug Simmons
Procedures and Systems Analyst II
Morris Library Systems
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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has anyone had good luck with this raid controller? I have just heard
stories, even on the Sun Forums.

and cheap 501-3136 chips? only when I don't need them, do I see them

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