[rescue] Looking for and external RA72 (SDI) drive box...

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Tue Feb 7 09:39:02 CST 2006

Since I don't have the current power to run my RA82 on my MVII I'd like to
attach my two RA72s to the system and load VMS/NetBSD on those.

Unfortunately I have a KDA50 and no way to connect the drives internally
in the existing BA23(?) boxes even though they mount quite nicely in

So what I'm looking for is an external box that takes either one or two of
those drives and connects via "licorice cable" to the KDA50.  Anybody have
something like that lying around?

Mike Hebel
You are trapped in a maze of twisty corporate suits. All the same...

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