[rescue] Toshiba laptop memory, anyone?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Feb 5 23:08:29 CST 2006

>> I've just picked up a Toshiba 110CS/810 that was on its way to being
>> trashed.  However, it has only 16M RAM - it has a Kingston RAM
>> module which is only one-quarter populated.
> Aside from the amount of memory installed, are there any problems
> with the laptop?  (hardware faults?)

Not of the sort you mean.  There is a problem in that I don't have an
appropriate power cord; however, the laptop takes mains power directly,
so this is relatively easy to make up for (and I've been promised a
suitable cord - I just don't have it in hand yet).  It's got an OpenBSD
install on its disk, which boots without obvious problems (when I wire
up mains power to it with alligator-clip leads).  It's possible the
screen has a dead pixel or few; I haven't specifically looked for such.

> Why not investigate using it as-is, my thought being that it will
> still run Windows 3.1 as well as it ever did (the CPU didn't slow
> down with age ;^), and keep a keen eye out at PC flea
> markets/hamfests for a suitable memory "chip"...

I have no interest whatsoever in running Windows of any stripe.

I may use it as-is.  But my other laptop has 32M and I find that a bit
tight; I'd much rather push this one to at least 32 if it's not too
hard.  (This one is a significant upgrade in other respects; notably,
it's a P-100 instead of a 486/50.)

Yes, I'll be watching for memory for it.  But this seemed like a not
too unlikely place to find someone who's been holding onto some against
finding a good home for it....

> Soldering parts on the current memory expansion card seems like a
> great way to bring the laptop down to 8 Megs RAM ;^)

Yes, I rather fear so myself.  I probably should have made it a little
more obvious that suggestion was not totally serious.  I would try it
if I had no other way to make the machine functional at all, or the
real thing were outrageously expensive....

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