[rescue] Motorola m88k

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Sun Feb 5 15:41:28 CST 2006

Somebody wrote to me directly with the following:

> I think the maintainers would be very interested in getting
> test reports from users of Omrons, as I think there really 
> weren't many Omrons produces (and still existing).

There may be more of them in Japan, where I understand they even managed
to run a second series of 88k-based Lunas. I'd love to provide feedback,
but right now the Omron and just about everything else I own is in
storage waiting for me to finish working on my new house.

> The Series 900, which you probably mean, actually are a bit more
> than just a VME case: the VME backplane is modified, as they
> don't use P2-headers and I/O-breakouts but a weird VME(!)
> I/O-board, which routes the signals of the I/O-ports to the
> back.

Yes, the 900 Series was marketed as the Powerstack line, at least for
part of it's life. I don't know if anything other than the 900 Series
was also badged that way.

Not very long ago I spotted a generic looking beige desktop box with
a PowerPC processor that had been badged as a Powerstack II or some
such. Wasn't interested enough to acquire it, but interesting to see
they kept the name on for a while. I wonder if it used a CHRP, PReP,
or some other reference motherboard design...


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