[rescue] NeWS (Win32 Administratve Privileges)

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sat Feb 4 23:02:00 CST 2006

Richard wrote:
> In article <20060204174317.273f6dc5 at darktower.castle.org>,
>     Kevin <kevin at pipeline.com>  writes:
>>While i dislike all post NT 3.5.1 Win32 platforms, it is the
>>general quality level of Win32 software that makes it such a
>>PITA.  Every platform has crap software, but Win32 stuff often
>>comes from "programmers" who couldn't even install the Windows.
> Nothing new here.  Stirling's rule applies to Windows just like
> everything else (99% of everything is crap).

That would be Sturgeon's Law ("90% of everything is crud").

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