[rescue] Toshiba laptop memory, anyone?

Atomist rescue at port11.net
Fri Feb 3 11:18:51 CST 2006

der Mouse wrote:

>>I think I had a few 110CS and similars a while ago but they all went
>>straight to recycling.
>*shudder*  I hate seeing working hardware trashed.
I try to hold on to hardware as long as I can or give it away. But if 
nobody takes it or comes to pick up the stuff I need to make space for 
stuff. I'm gonna have a storage unit cleanup happening soon and there's 
some laptops there too if I remember.

But yeah I find so much hardware all the time in dumpsters, that I have 
to leave stuff behind. Usually if it's not a P3 with at least 1Ghz I 
don't take it anymore cause it would be just too much hardware to keep 
or bring home.

-- Atm

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