[rescue] Toshiba laptop memory, anyone?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Feb 3 10:47:00 CST 2006

>> I've just picked up a Toshiba 110CS/810 [...]

> Standard Memory:    8 or 16 MB (non-removable)
> Maximum Memory:    40 or 48 MB
> Memory Expansion:    1 socket

Hmm, I guess what I have is an 8M machine with 8M expansion, then,
because it has a RAM card and it has 16M.

> I know kahlon sells them but for that money and time your going to
> spend on upgrading it, why not just go to ebay and get like a faster
> class laptop.

(a) because I don't ebay (their user agreement is insane); (b) because
the point is not to get a cheap laptop (or I would ahve done that long
ago), the point is to, well, rescue this one.

> I think I had a few 110CS and similars a while ago but they all went
> straight to recycling.

*shudder*  I hate seeing working hardware trashed.

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