[rescue] even MORE books , FREE

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Sat Dec 30 17:49:41 CST 2006

Introduction to CGI/Perl: getting started with web scripts, by Steven E 
Brenner & Edwin Aoki

LAN Tutorial (ancient) by Patricia Schnaidt & Editors of LAN Magazine

Red Hat Linux for Dummies (w/ RH Linux 6.1 on 2 CDs, included)

Inside Servlets: Server-Side Programming for the Java Platform by 
Dustin R Callaway with CD

OS/2 2.1 *UNLEASHED* (big lightning graphic goes here) no floppy 
included by David Moskowitz & David Kerr et al

Understanding Data Communications, third edition by Gilbert Held (lots 
of description of sync and async modem protocols etc.)

Using OS/2 (covers version 1.1 Presentation Mgr) by QUE Books

The ABC's of SCO UNIX by Tom Cuthbertson (belated Christmas gift for 
Darl McBride???), "covers UNIX and Xenix"

this is the last post of tonight --- Bill, hope this is OK.


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