[rescue] SGI/Silicon Graphics 4Ds & Challenge XL

Alexandre Ganea alex_toresh at yahoo.fr
Sat Dec 30 15:44:45 CST 2006

Hi all,

I have a few older Silicon Graphics systems up for
grabs if anyone is interested. There's three 4D
Predator racks, a deskside 4D/70GT and a Challenge XL.
All the machines are complete except for the Challenge
which is missing the CPU and memory boards. Except for
that everything is there. They also come with a few
boxes of parts, cables, keyboards and such. A 17" SGI
monitor is also part of the lot.

Pictures here: 

Everything is free if you take them as is. If you only
want boards or other parts, I'll charge a small fee
for the packaging material and for my time.
The machines are located in Montreal, Canada.


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