[rescue] Pinnacle Micro Incline 80 Optical Library Storage System

Matthew Haas wedge at lightlink.com
Fri Dec 29 15:51:38 CST 2006


  A couple friends and I have found and have so far managed to 
resuscitate an assumed dead Pinnacle Micro Incline 80 (apparently a 
rebadged HP C17xxT), trying our best to determine how it operates, how 
to operate it, and with hopes of putting it to use as a means of backing 
up data from other projects we've got going.

  We currently have it connected via a single-ended 50-pin narrow SCSI 
cable to a nearby machine. Nearby is the keyword because the cable is 
only 6' - 10' long, and this has started to pose a locational problem.

  The machine does seem to have a differential SCSI connection, however 
we currently lack any card or cable.

  So, some questions for the list:

  a) What is the maximum spec length of SE SCSI? Would it be a 
reasonable thing to try to obtain a 15' - 20' cable so we could put the 
host machine in a more convenient location. A quick googling seems to 
suggest it is 6 meters (which would make a max length of 18ish feet. 
Practical?) Anyone have any suitably long 50-pin SE cables they'd be 
willing to part with?

  b) Does anyone have any spare PCI Differential SCSI cards and long 
Differential (HVD?) SCSI cables?

  The Incline 80 seems to be equipped with 4.6GB MO discs (all slots 
filled with these discs), and 4 MO drives (with only 1 being a bit 

  We've been trying to dig up any information from the internet, with 
very few leads. A couple insights from some old DEC manuals of similarly 
rebadged HP MO libraries, but the overall availability of information 
seems to be scarce.

  c) Does anyone have any experience with these? Perhaps a copy of 
manuals? We're currently using mt-x on a Linux machine to drive the 
thing, and have it operating, but there are some additional features we 
suspect the device is capable of (such as using its "double picker" to 
grab 2 discs at once.. something we are currently unable to do).

  Any information would be greatly appreciated, as this has given us an 
opportunity to play with a piece of technology that we otherwise would 
have never had the chance to experience.


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