[rescue] lots of new toys

Magnus magnus at yonderway.com
Wed Dec 27 17:50:50 CST 2006

Stuff is just starting to arrive but I've been busy. I've finally made 
the decision to rackmount everything, and revamp my home network.

New toys:
* Sun E250 (this kicked it all off, and arrived about a week or so 
ago... freebie from a friend)
* Sun StorEdge D1000
* Sun Netra T1 105
* Sun Netra X1
* Cisco 3524XL
* Many spud brackets
* Many SCSI drives

There is a local guy who has been trying to unload a cabinet but none of 
my stuff was rackmount-ready, except a lousy 10Mbit dumb switch, so I 
gave him a lukewarm reception at first.  Now with all this new stuff 
coming in, I've got him looking for the doors that had been set aside 
long ago so I can "bring it home".

My budget is running out of steam now so I'm holding onto some cash to 
pick up any odd cables or terminators I might be missing.

Basically all of this is being funded by an old pickup truck my wife 
finally talked me into selling.

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