[rescue] Tape Drive woes

Brock Johnson wildefire at brotay.net
Mon Dec 25 14:39:55 CST 2006

Brian Deloria wrote:
> Everything that I've read suggested that if an LVD device was connected to
> an HVD controller or vice versa that the bus would be shut down to prevent
> damage.
> I tried everything I could thing of with cfgadm and devfsadm to try and
> "revive" the controller on the card to no avail.  My only solution was to
> clean out the old config with a "devfsadm -C -v -c tape" which then removed
> the residual tape config and then connect the tape drive to the other port
> on the controller.  This meant no needed config changes to the backup
> scripts and it's run fine.
> I'm going to have to start digging through the old machines here to see if I
> can find another HVD PCI controller to test this tape unit with on another
> machine as well as to try and figure out definitavely if this in fact the
> culprit.
> Thanks,
> Brian

Not on any HVD controller I've ever used. Had a customer burn out an 
LTO2 drive a few weeks ago by plugging it into an HVD controller. Didn't 
burn it too badly, but the interface card on the drive is shot. A 
bus-scan will see it, but it hoses any bus its plugged into and refuses 
to allow anything on the bus to negotiate.

Speaking of which, Anyone have a source for IBM LTO2 controller boards?

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