[rescue] Ultra 1 newbie q'ns

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Mon Dec 25 11:45:35 CST 2006

Thus spake Magnus:
> Steve Sandau wrote:
>> One of my U1s is doing a great job of webserver/mail server running
>> OpenBSD. I have been very pleased with OBSD's performance on older
>> hardware of various types. including my SS5 and SS4 firewall/VPN boxes.
>> And now I have used OBSD for desktop usage (with XFCE) utilizing
>> packages and ports.
> I concur; OpenBSD is an excellent choice for some of these machines.
> They still don't support multiprocessor on sparc architecture yet but
> for something like the Ultra 1 it should work just fine.

Indeed.  I will soon be re-loading a U1 with an sbus QFE and OpenBSD/pf as
my primary firewall.

> Though using the ports tree is an exercise for the extremely patient on
> these machines. :)

Try NetBSD pkgsrc on a Cobalt RAQ or playing dependency hell on a
Panasonic CF-25 Toughbook. ;-)

Then there was the endless PHP compile I did on my E150...

Mike Hebel
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