[rescue] Sun enterprise 10000 stuff

Tonu Samuel tonu at jes.ee
Sun Dec 24 06:41:35 CST 2006

On Monday 18 December 2006 01:02, Bill Bradford wrote:

> I'd definitely like to host a copy of this at SunHELP - thank you for the
> excellent writeup!

I cannot deny, I like if people like my stuff. I wrote some page about using
this machine too:


Actually I REALLY would like if other people having such montsers (like this
IBM 390 one) will do something same. I want to learn but I cannot have all of
them at my house.
Also please post links to such pages to me, I will make some
"supercomputers at home" page for people who want to see them. Currently it is
very difficult to find them. One such page I know for example
This man has both AS/400 and Cadmus but page is very poor.


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