[rescue] Sparcbook S1

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Sat Dec 23 22:15:47 CST 2006

Michael Thompson wrote:

>>/So this old fella has dual 170meg 2.5"ide disks.  I did some 
/>>/experimenting last
/>>/night and he will accept up to 4gb ide disks. 8gb in a machine like this would
/>>/be huge.  I think that I have desktops with less ;-)
>Um, that's 2.5" SCSI disks. You can use IDE disks with a SCSI/IDE 
>adapter board.

Nope, I meant IDE. The drives are model AREAL Technology A180. One of the drives are date stamped 9247. I suspect the other is similar.

http://marina.mfarris.com/theref/hard_drives/h_a-180-1.html  has some specs on these disks.

I expected to find SCSI as well, but when I did a format, it tipped me off.

So this is one of the reasons that I suspect the OS is very specific for this model.  I suspect Tadpole wrote IDE drivers for this 
machine, or there is an onboard SCSI to IDE bridge.  Who knows?


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