[rescue] Making Solaris 10 boot after the boot device has changed

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Sat Dec 23 18:03:23 CST 2006

First, let me note that whenever I have problems, it always seems to  
be you that gets me out of them. Thanks :). I appreciate your help a  

On Dec 23, 2006, at 17:15, velociraptor wrote:

> On 12/23/06, Micah R Ledbetter <vlack-lists at vlack.com> wrote:
> <snipped boot woes>
> My tactic in this situation would be to give the system a full boot
> path from the OK prompt:
> boot -rs /path/to/c0t2d0s#

Thanks, I didn't know about boot -r

> You're not getting the right links in /dev/rdsk after the read-only
> boot because the system is still looking for the disks in the wrong
> place.
> Booting with the -r flag will cause the system to rebuild the device
> tree before it goes interactive in the boot process (this doesn't
> happen automagically--that's why devfsadm is there, as is the -r
> flag). Booting will probably still fall to maintenance mode after this
> b/c of the vfstab being borked, but at that point you should be able
> to mount them manually and fix them.
> Alternatively, you could boot off the CD, mount /etc/, change the
> vfstab, mount / and create the file /reconfigure, then @ the OK prompt
> change the nvalias which identifies the boot disk and reboot.

However, these don't work :(

I changed vfstab to c0t2d0s0, and changed the devalias to point to  
the right disk (now I can just issue `boot` at the ok prompt and it  
boots from hard disk). However I still can't fsck or mount c0t2d0s0  
when I have booted from the hard disk.

That's the weird part - the devices seem to be different, depending  
on whether I boot from install media or hard disk. Creating / 
reconfigure did not change this. In fact, I just tried `format`, and  
it simply tells me that there are no hard disks found (when booting  
from hard disk; booting from install media finds my one hard drive,  
as it should).

Also, I should have mentioned this before, but I only have two  
partitions - / and swap (and /home is elsewhere on the network). Both  
are on the same ATA disk.
Since I have but one working IDE controller, the hard disk is the  
master, and the DVD drive is the slave.

> (See <http://www.princeton.edu/~unix/Solaris/troubleshoot/ 
> bootseq.html>
> for details on the Solaris boot sequence.)

Thanks... perusing.

  - Micah

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