[rescue] Sparcbook S1

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Sat Dec 23 07:14:22 CST 2006

>> I don't have any media, and I don't know the root password [to
>> the SB1].
>   I don't know about media, at least the Tadpole stuff, but the
>machine itself should be able to run an older version of Solaris,
>probably in the 2.4 range.

Heh, thats what I thought.  There seems to the Sparcbooks, and then there seems
to be the S1.  The S1 is the grand daddy of sparcbooks.  I think I will try
anyway for giggles.

>   As far as the god-word goes, IIRC the filesystems are plain old
>ufs so, with the proper cables, you should be able to wire it to a
>Sun box, mount the root filesystem, and manually hack the root-word

I did manage to figure out the rom monitor far enough to get booted single user.
/ (root) was mounted r/w - so I just used passwd.

The rom monitor is nothing like a sun OBP that I have ever seen.

For the sake of record it is:

1. Turn on laptop.
2. Bypass Fast Startup by hitting the "any" key.
3. Option <2>, Boot operating system or a file
4. Option <2>, Boot alternate file
5. Option <1>, Boot from Hard Disk
6. Enter: 0 0 vmunix args   (disk slice file+args)
7. passwd root

So this old fella has dual 170meg 2.5"ide disks.  I did some experimenting last
night and he will accept up to 4gb ide disks. 8gb in a machine like this would
be huge.  I think that I have desktops with less ;-)

A kind person helped me out with some install media for this machine, but it
stumps me a wee bit. I have never booted/installed Sunos4.1.X (Solaris 1) over
the network.  

Can anyone tell me how I might make a boot/install server (or where the docs may
still live?), for SunOS 4x.  I have quite a bit of experience with the
SunOS5x/Solaris 2 jumpstart, and I am expecting for it to be similar.

I'd be greatful for tips and ideas!

Happy Ho-Ho!


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