[rescue] Amiga

George Wyche gw at citasystems.com
Fri Dec 22 10:47:27 CST 2006

Bill Bradford wrote:
> Anybody happen to have an A2000 or A3000 around they dont need anymore?
> I'm reading "On The Edge" (www.commodorebook.com) and have a sudden
> jonesing for AmigaOS.
> I'll probably have to settle for EUAE, but it never hurts to ask...
> Bill
Go with Colantro's cheap Amiga emulator on a high-ish end 
system running XP. Our Austin, TX Amiga group saw this in 
action at our Sept. 18 meeting of CTACS. The emulation was 
uncanny, down to the sounds of the floppy drive motor.

Or hold off until sometime in the 1st Qrt of 2007 for brand 
new Amiga computers supporting OS4.

GWyche at io.com

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