[rescue] Sun SS5 sale: I've lost the buyer...

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed Dec 20 13:36:13 CST 2006

One of you guys responded and said you'd like to have my recently
retired Sun SS5.  

I've lost the email and in the who it was.

Three people actually responded, but one of you was first and I remember
talking about removing the power supply to save weight with whoever it

I have a box ready to ship it, I just need to know where it goes so I
can generate a price for the shipping.

If the original person doesn't respond, well, then I have a Sun SS5/170
for sale with 128MB of RAM, no hard drives. It can also come with 5 hard
drive brackets and a spare SS5 power supply and wiring harness if the
buyer is interested.

Or, if anyone wants the PS and harness, let me know.  I need to clean
this out.

shannon "AT" widomaker.com -- ["The grieving lords take ship.  With these
our very souls pass overseas." -- Exile]

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