[rescue] playing with the new E250 ... disk performance vs. old PeeCee

Matthew Weigel unique at idempot.net
Tue Dec 19 17:15:24 CST 2006

Magnus wrote:

> I am finding anecdotal evidence that the DVD-ROM drives in many Sun 
> boxes can boot fine from CD-R but not from DVD[-|+]R.  Has this been 
> your experience as well?

That's possible.  I know a burned Solaris 10 DVD boots fine on my Ultra
10, but my E-250 only has a CD-ROM so I never tried DVD media in it.
And of course, the Ultra 10 has an IDE DVD drive, which may even be
aftermarket (not handy to check right now).  SCSI Sparc-friendly optical
drives don't get updated as much as the standard IDE models.

I have two sets of Solaris 10 install media, DVD and CD, for that reason.
 Matthew Weigel
 unique at idempot.net

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