[rescue] Netra/AX1105 addin card for ATA133?

Marc Zyngier maz at misterjones.org
Mon Dec 18 23:55:35 CST 2006

> I have a Sun clone, AX1105 board (500Mhz CPU) with 1 free PCI slot.
> This is the same as the Netra X1 I believe.

Quite close, but not identical. The AX1105 uses Sun GEM ethernet chips,
while the X1 uses DMFE. Oh, and unfortunately no LOM on the AX1105. And
firmware is horribly broken (adding a PCI card often involves waving your
favorite dead chicken over the bus, and a bit of cold sweat).

Mine boots off a compact-flash card plugged into the ATA connector, and
have its disks off a Silicon Image SATA card. Not running Solaris though.

And if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there...

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