[rescue] scrapping some old Proliants

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Mon Dec 18 09:49:28 CST 2006

Saith Tonu Samuel ...
> Actually I want to receive or learn something about SCSI DVD 
> ROMs. 

There are some out there.  I got a slot-loading one some months back; it
doesn't have a block-size jumper, so it won't boot my SGIs, and I haven't
tried it on a Sun.  It reads DVDs just fine on the SGIs, it just won't boot

The interesting one, though, is the Toshiba SD-M1401.  It does have a
block-size jumper, and they are known to boot SGIs.  I haven't tried the one
I just got, but it's supposed to work.  Since SGIs are very picky about
CD/DVD drives, I expect it would boot a Sun, too.  I got mine off eBay (US).
Shortly after I bought it, there was a lot of five of the buggers, so they
must not be too rare.

I think modern Suns send a block-size command when they try to boot from CD,
so it's possible that even DVD drives without block-size jumpers will work
to boot those machines.  The drive just has to respect the block-size
command.  Maybe really modern Suns don't care about the block size, but I
don't have anything that would be considered "modern," so I don't really

In any case, if you can lay hands on the Toshiba SD-M1401, that would
probably be a safe bet.


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