[rescue] scrapping some old Proliants

Tonu Samuel tonu at jes.ee
Mon Dec 18 00:53:14 CST 2006

On Monday 18 December 2006 06:17, r.stricklin wrote:
> I'm scrapping a couple of old Pentium II Proliant 3000s and 1600Rs.
> They are complete, running, with processors, processor boards,
> memory, memory boards, processor terminators, RAID controllers,
> 10/100 boards, PSUs, CD-ROMs, etc. I will make any & all parts
> available to interested parties at actual shipping costs + 20%.
> Drop me a line in the next few days or it goes in the trash.

Too far (expensive transport) for me otherwise I would take. They look sexy
and good start for fridge on wheels project :)

Actually I want to receive or learn something about SCSI DVD ROMs. I play with
Sun Enterprise series of hardware and items seem not to have DVD ROMs.
Meanwhile I got new Solaris DVD and want to use it. If someone can
sell/giveaway me some DVD ROM which fits those old SCSI machines I would be
happy. I am unsure if it is possible to have DVD there at all.

Also I miss some CDROMs for those computers. So if someone has them with grey
frontpanel then I am interested. I am located in EU but other places are also

Disclaimer - with Sun price I will buy them from Sun. :P


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