[rescue] A not-so-excellent Internet Adventure

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Sun Dec 17 23:29:58 CST 2006

Thanks, Shel, for reminding me just how thankful I am to not be in the ISP 
business anymore! :-)  Heh.

Not sure if it was weather related, since Oregon didn't seem to get 
clobbered as badly - we only had 250,000 people without power - but a 
short distance from $WORK, in Beaverton OR, a 250KV transformer at a 
fairly large substation _exploded_ on Saturday night, sending a fireball 
"500 feet into the air, according to witnesses."  The news helicopter 
footage was pretty dramatic - a huge black circle surrounded by lights, 
with a raging fire in the middle of it.  Yowsa.  All they could do was let 
it burn itself out, since apparently there was a 10,000 gallon fuel tank 
sitting nearby...

I suppose I should call in and see if our building was affected. Not that 
I'm all that concerned about the corporate datacenter - I manage the 
"production systems" which are downtown, and I figure _someone_ would have 
called if they needed my help with anything.  Damn, I have developed such 
a bad attitude in my old age. :-)  I'm secretly hoping that the power is 
still out tomorrow a.m. so we can all have a day off.  <gazes at my 
despair.com "Dare to Slack" demotivational poster>

-- Chris

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