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Geoff Koehler koehler at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 13 16:08:23 CST 2006


I tried sending you a  private mail, but your mailserver rejected it  
(see below).  My message was:

If the I2 goes for scrap - Id like the graphics boards from it.  I  
have an I2 R10000 with a bad SI boardset.  Also, Im always looking  
for  any paired U2 CPU's.  Ill pay for shipping to Canada, of course.

Thanks, Cheers, Geoff.

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On 13-Dec-06, at 11:52 AM, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> The following items are going off to recycling/Goodwill sometime soon
> (ie: this week or next).  If you'd like anything from this list,  
> please
> let me know what you'd like, your address, and how you'd like to  
> pay for
> packing/shipping it to you.
>    Two Dell Precision 610 workstations.  Each is configured with two
>    Pentium III 600MHz processors, 1GB of memory, and two 40GB hard
>    drives, as I recall.
>    A small pile of 9GB fibrechannel drives.
>    A Color Laserjet 5 in need of red developer and a fuser (prints  
> as-is,
>    but the output is not very clean).  You'll need to pick this  
> up.  It
>    weighs nearly 55kg.
>    An Indigo2 R10000 Killer Impact[0] with a possibly dodgy power  
> supply.
>    It booted up the last time I used it, but turned off during the  
>    installation for reasons I never investigated.
>    An IBM RS/6000 7043-140.  This system is currently running Debian 
> [1],
>    but will run AIX 4.x through 5.1 as well as WindowsNT, if you swing
>    that way.
>    An IBM RS/6000 7248-120.  Runs AIX.  Runs Linux.  Probably runs
>    NetBSD, but this particular model is an odd duck.  I'll include a
>    firmware floppy.
>    Two Dell PowerVault 630F storage shelves, each full of 10 36GB
>    fibrechannel hard drives.  Half the drives in each shelf work just
>    fine (and were my ZFS testbed).  The other half of the drives fell
>    victim to the sheer insanity of IRIX[2].  The failed disks might be
>    able to be reformatted into usefulness by something more dedicated,
>    but the Solaris format command just gives up.  The external  
> interfaces
>    on these shelves are copper, not optical, and they have redundant
>    controllers.  If you wave money at me, I'll figure out which disks
>    work and which don't and give you a full shelf of working disks,  
> and
>    send the other off for recycling.
>    An Aspen Alpine.  This is a rackmount 275MHz Alpha (21064A) system.
>    It has 4GB of disk, and some amount of memory that I disremember
>    (probably 128MB).  I'll include both the ARC and SRM EPROMs.   
> I've run
>    Tru64, VMS, and WindowsNT on it.  Plan on replacing the hard  
> drive, as
>    it doesn't feel much faster than an RA60.
>    An Allied Telesyn 24-bit 10baseT hub.  Woo!
>    A 3Com SuperStack II Switch 3000.  This is a 12-port (13 if you  
> count
>    the 100baseFX module).  This switch is not appropriate for desktop
>    deployment.  I remember upgrading to a ciscoSystem Catalyst  
> 2924XL and
>    remarking how -QUIET- the new switch was.
>    A Sun Ultra 5.  300-mumble-MHz CPU, some reasonable amount of  
> memory
>    (128MB <= N <= 512MB), and a 40GB disk.  Was last running OpenBSD
>    (extremely well, I might add).
> Nearing the chopping block for the next load are:
>    An HP ProCurve 10baseT switch (the nicest 1U 10baseT switch you'll
>      ever see).
>    An R4600PC Indy.
>    All of my Sun Ultra 2s left over from a mass rescue when $ork moved
>    across town (nearly a pickup-bed full, looks-like).
>    A couple older whitebox PCs and Dells.
>    A -Really Old- twinax terminal (assuming my boss doesn't want it  
> for
>    his collection)
> Further out (assuming their current claimant backs out):
>    Two DEC 7630s w/ 512MB memory each and a deciassload of XMI bits.
> Always available:
>    More blanked 9-track tapes than any one person will ever need.  All
>    lengths, most with write-enable rings.
>    More blanked 8" floppy disks for an RX02 (unformatted,  
> unfortunately)
>    than any one person will ever need.  I'd like to hand onto - 
> some-, as
>    a friend of mine has found a drive that will format them, but the
>    volume of disks i have would dwarf a dorm-fridge.
> [0] SGI terminology for Solid Impact w/ 175MHz CPU.
> [1] For the sole purpose of running Hercules.
> [2] The disks originally got to me formatted in 520-byte blocks for  
> use
>      in a Clariion.  That's of no use to a fellow who just wants to  
> hang
>      disks off a Unix box, so I connected my O2 and used fx to low- 
> level
>      format the disks.  fx has a FIXED TIMEOUT and will ABORT THE  
>      if the disk is bigger than 18GB or so.
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