[rescue] Recycling Run

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Wed Dec 13 11:52:42 CST 2006

The following items are going off to recycling/Goodwill sometime soon
(ie: this week or next).  If you'd like anything from this list, please
let me know what you'd like, your address, and how you'd like to pay for
packing/shipping it to you.

   Two Dell Precision 610 workstations.  Each is configured with two
   Pentium III 600MHz processors, 1GB of memory, and two 40GB hard
   drives, as I recall.

   A small pile of 9GB fibrechannel drives.

   A Color Laserjet 5 in need of red developer and a fuser (prints as-is,
   but the output is not very clean).  You'll need to pick this up.  It
   weighs nearly 55kg.

   An Indigo2 R10000 Killer Impact[0] with a possibly dodgy power supply.
   It booted up the last time I used it, but turned off during the IRIX
   installation for reasons I never investigated.

   An IBM RS/6000 7043-140.  This system is currently running Debian[1],
   but will run AIX 4.x through 5.1 as well as WindowsNT, if you swing
   that way.

   An IBM RS/6000 7248-120.  Runs AIX.  Runs Linux.  Probably runs
   NetBSD, but this particular model is an odd duck.  I'll include a
   firmware floppy.

   Two Dell PowerVault 630F storage shelves, each full of 10 36GB
   fibrechannel hard drives.  Half the drives in each shelf work just
   fine (and were my ZFS testbed).  The other half of the drives fell
   victim to the sheer insanity of IRIX[2].  The failed disks might be
   able to be reformatted into usefulness by something more dedicated,
   but the Solaris format command just gives up.  The external interfaces
   on these shelves are copper, not optical, and they have redundant
   controllers.  If you wave money at me, I'll figure out which disks
   work and which don't and give you a full shelf of working disks, and
   send the other off for recycling.

   An Aspen Alpine.  This is a rackmount 275MHz Alpha (21064A) system.
   It has 4GB of disk, and some amount of memory that I disremember
   (probably 128MB).  I'll include both the ARC and SRM EPROMs.  I've run
   Tru64, VMS, and WindowsNT on it.  Plan on replacing the hard drive, as
   it doesn't feel much faster than an RA60.

   An Allied Telesyn 24-bit 10baseT hub.  Woo!

   A 3Com SuperStack II Switch 3000.  This is a 12-port (13 if you count
   the 100baseFX module).  This switch is not appropriate for desktop
   deployment.  I remember upgrading to a ciscoSystem Catalyst 2924XL and
   remarking how -QUIET- the new switch was.

   A Sun Ultra 5.  300-mumble-MHz CPU, some reasonable amount of memory
   (128MB <= N <= 512MB), and a 40GB disk.  Was last running OpenBSD
   (extremely well, I might add).

Nearing the chopping block for the next load are:

   An HP ProCurve 10baseT switch (the nicest 1U 10baseT switch you'll
     ever see).

   An R4600PC Indy.

   All of my Sun Ultra 2s left over from a mass rescue when $ork moved
   across town (nearly a pickup-bed full, looks-like).

   A couple older whitebox PCs and Dells.

   A -Really Old- twinax terminal (assuming my boss doesn't want it for
   his collection)

Further out (assuming their current claimant backs out):

   Two DEC 7630s w/ 512MB memory each and a deciassload of XMI bits.

Always available:

   More blanked 9-track tapes than any one person will ever need.  All
   lengths, most with write-enable rings.

   More blanked 8" floppy disks for an RX02 (unformatted, unfortunately)
   than any one person will ever need.  I'd like to hand onto -some-, as
   a friend of mine has found a drive that will format them, but the
   volume of disks i have would dwarf a dorm-fridge.

[0] SGI terminology for Solid Impact w/ 175MHz CPU.
[1] For the sole purpose of running Hercules.
[2] The disks originally got to me formatted in 520-byte blocks for use
     in a Clariion.  That's of no use to a fellow who just wants to hang
     disks off a Unix box, so I connected my O2 and used fx to low-level
     format the disks.  fx has a FIXED TIMEOUT and will ABORT THE FORMAT
     if the disk is bigger than 18GB or so.
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