[rescue] Power Requirement Calculations

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Wed Dec 13 08:17:36 CST 2006

" From: "Clemson, Chris" <Chris.Clemson at softwareag.co.uk>
" > Mfg. web sites?
" They only ever seem to give max rating, which seem wildly different to
" actual use.
" > How many pieces of equipment are we talking about?
" About 200. annoyingly most are different makes and models.
" > Have you considered going to the circuit breakers and seeing
" > what they are rated for, and using that as a guide? I bet an
" > electrician could use a probe of some kind to measure the

called an 'amp clamp' this side of the pond.  it actually goes
-around- the wire to form the magnetic ckt of a transformer with a 1/2
turn primary.

" > current on each circuit your equipment is hanging off, but
" > you'd have to add some to that measurement to account for
" Yes, that might be the easiest, although it'd be nice to do individual
" bits as things will get added/removed.
" > everything getting turned on at the same time and consuming additional
" > power...
" True
" Thanks!

if you can afford to power-cycle each bit at least twice, you can get
exact data with an amp clamp and data recorder and a short extension
cord with the jacket stripped back to expose the hot lead.

repeating 200 times is laborious and boring, not helped with the
danger of working with power wiring, but if you need exact numbers
you'll get them.
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