[rescue] Power Requirement Calculations

Clemson, Chris Chris.Clemson at softwareag.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 04:05:24 CST 2006

> Mfg. web sites?

They only ever seem to give max rating, which seem wildly different to
actual use.

> How many pieces of equipment are we talking about?

About 200. annoyingly most are different makes and models.

> Have you considered going to the circuit breakers and seeing
> what they are
> rated for, and using that as a guide? I bet an electrician
> could use a probe
> of some kind to measure the current on each circuit your equipment is
> hanging off, but you'd have to add some to that measurement
> to account for

Yes, that might be the easiest, although it'd be nice to do individual
bits as things will get added/removed.

> everything getting turned on at the same time and consuming additional
> power...



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