[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 49, Issue 17

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Sat Dec 9 12:47:52 CST 2006

Fri, 08 Dec 2006 @ 14:54 +0200, Meelis Roos said:

> Our reaction time is still the same. So for higher speed, we _must_ have 
> proportionally bigger empty space between us and any potential 
> obstacles. But tell that to children, cyclists, birds etc... In 
> practice, higher speed IS dangerous.


In practice, or rather, reality, speed doesn't kill.

The safest areas in the US are also those with the highest speeds.

The reason has nothing to do with speed, it is because they also tend to
be better maintained roads and have a lower number of bad drivers.

That's why the limits are relaxed on them in the first place.

Unfortunately, very few local governments understand this, so their
setting of speed limits makes no sense at all.

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