[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 49, Issue 19

mpickering at mindspring.com mpickering at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 8 10:04:06 CST 2006

>Actually I think that the worst drivers are those that are unable to 
>grasp the concepts of inertia, momentum, etc. An 18-wheeler can legally 
>weight up to what, 80,000 or 120,000 lbs when loaded?
>You should not be able to get a driver's license without driving a 
>24-foot straight truck around town or city for an hour - fail that, no 
>license.  That in itself would eliminate the most dangerous drivers.

Or alternately, require any new driver to get a motorcycle endorsement first and ride a bike for 3 months.  :)

You spend time on a motorcycle in traffic (like here in Washington DC) and trust me, good drivers will develop their sixth sense to a razor's edge and bad drivers will learn it in a hurry.  I consider myself to have good road awareness (I actually do maintain spacing and turn that thing called my head to see what is going on around me) and spending time on a bike raised that awareness to new heights.

If a new driver can manage the details of riding a bike and staying alive in traffic, they will be a much better driver behind the wheel.  You learn to trust no one, be aware of everything around and most importantly, learn to plan ahead!  That is the critical skill that is lacking in North American drivers.  If you know you have be at a certain ramp in two miles, you begin to make steady moves towards it BEFOREHAND.   Too many people can't plan 50 feet and 30 seconds into the future let alone two miles and two minutes.  I bet if you required a test of planning skills prior to issuing a driver's license, the roads would be alot less crowded.


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