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Fri Dec 8 09:37:59 CST 2006

" From: Phil Stracchino <phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net>
" And yes, long-haul truckers who think their 80,000lb combination gives
" them the right to bully their way in are dangerous.

i live up the street from a paper recycling plant that does a million
tons a year.  that's <crude estimate> an 18-wheeler every 30 minutes
6am-6pm passing my house.

the long haul truckers are by far the best, most considerate drivers
in my neighborhood.  the -local- truckers who drive 18 wheelers and
various other big rigs are not.
i gave up highway commuting 20 years ago, after a
late-winter/early-spring experience: the weather had dropped maybe 2"
of slushy snow [or maybe snowy slush], and as i switch from one
highway to another i find a seven car pileup almost blocking the road;
plows aren't getting by but cars [me included] are squeezing by on the
shoulder.  next town along there's a -five- car pileup almost blocking
the road; plows aren't getting by but cars are squeezing by on the
shoulder...  beyond that all the traffic is concentrated into the one
lane of ruts broken through the slush and they're still trying to go
70.  at that point i said i don't care how much longer it takes, i'm
not doing this again.  secondary-road traffic isn't any more
considerate but speed [or rather lack of it] is on your side.
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