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> No, you imbeciles.  Speed doesn't in and of itself cause accidents.
> Now, idiots driving well beyond their ability and then not even paying
> attention DEFINITELY cause accidents ....

I'm not sure why I'm trying as this is the attitude throughout north
america but what the hell, it might save _my_ life some day.

Speed does cause accidents. Daily.

I am a professional driver - I walked away from a job as a sysadmin
and took a 50% pay cut to drive 18 wheel rigs instead. Overall it's a
good trade: Stupid drivers to avoid vs. stupid MS Scheiss that I can't

99% of those on the road do not know how to drive. And yeah, I include
all of you so called racers. Of that 1% that do know how to drive, 99%
over estimate thier ability.  Those ass*oles are the ones that kill
other people. I fear those the most.

Let me ask you one thing - when is the last time you took 10 seconds
to perform a lane change? That's the minimum safe amount of time for
you to look twice and be sure your car/truck is clear of all other

Shut up. Look twice before you move. Look _while_ you are moving - you
might need to shunt back for some ass you didn't see the other two
times. When done, look again. You might see the person you shoved into
the median "waving"  like a one fingered friend at you.

Do you really want to drive safely? Then do this:

Slow down.

Think twice.

Look three times,.

Then check again.

Let _all_ traffic clear from where you will move in the next minute.

Then find the appropriate gear for your move.

Then set up for your move.

Then look yet _AGAIN_

Only then make your move.

Yeah, it really is that "simple". But most north americans are in too
god da*ned much of a hurry to give a rats ass about safety. That is
the real truth. Especially the fuc&tards in SUVs. There needs to be a
10,000 % tax on those fuc&ing things ... ahem, I digress...

I have no doubt that all of you assume that you "know" how to drive.
Yeah? Lets watch you merge into traffic at highway speed correctly.
I'd bet that 2% of the readers of this list would do it _legally_...
and that is more than would do it correctly...

Oh, and by the way, yeah, I do still consider this better than dealing
with the scuzzballs  in redmond.

Live like you will never die, love like you've never been hurt, dance
like no-one is watching.
				Alex White

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